Heathers (1988)

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When I am sad, I am sad, but when I am happy, oh God, I’m happy; there’s just no place in between for us to meet.

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Title: Genesis Artist: Grimes 110,061 plays


"It’s always different, I am the one that loves."

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Happiness isn’t always the best way to be happy”

Where the Wild Things Are (2009)
Spike Jonze

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Title: Body Artist: Mother Mother 42,605 plays


body // mother mother

and take my hands, they’ll understand
take my heart, pull it apart
and take my brain, or what remains
and throw it all away

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I don’t do too much talking these days

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Neutral Milk Hotel    by Will Westbrook.

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The Clash helps some of their fans to sneak in before a concert.

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Adapting to the urban jungle has made Rocky smarter.

The Intelligent Life of the City Raccoon

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Inktober 6

Too curious for their own good teenagers :D

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Title: Mr. Fox in the Fields Artist: Alexandre Desplat 1,384 plays


Mr. Fox in the Fields - Alexandre Desplat - Fantastic Mr. Fox OST

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delete later I guess, trying out new stuff. I butchered Jenny Owen Youngs’ original, sorry Jenny.